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AV 1989 MAMA semi soft bra AV 1989 MAMA semi soft bra
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AV 1949 MAMA full cup bra, black AV 1949 MAMA full cup bra, black
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Maternity bra - everyday comfort in any situation

Pregnancy is a very special time for every woman. It's therefore worth taking care of the right apparel, and above all, a pregnancy bra. During the nine months, the female body undergoes many changes, particularly the bust, as it is finally preparing for the enormously important role of feeding the baby. A well-fitting maternity bra will make you feel comfortable every day, regardless of the situation. You can easily wear a lactation bra during pregnancy, which will also work well when nursing a newborn.

We offer a selection of nursing bras developed based on years of experience in the industry. We know very well how a maternity bra should be made, and what fabrics should be used to avoid irritation or compression. In fact, we should not forget that the bust during pregnancy is extremely delicate, so pregnancy bras must be refined in every detail. We pay a lot of attention to the appearance of our underwear - each bra for mom is not only practical and comfortable but also looks great. We aim to give women lingerie that meets the highest standards. We have been creating excellent quality products for many years, and we know what women pay attention to when choosing bras. Looking for the best pregnancy bras? You've come to the right place. Select from a variety of designs, cuts, and colors. You will surely find a perfect nursing bra to suit your needs.

Practical nursing bras

You may want to look for the right nursing bra as early as the pregnancy stage. Such bras are a special type of underwear featuring detachable cups, which allows quick access to the breast when you want to feed the baby. A breastfeeding bra is a very convenient solution that hundreds of mothers reach for. Feeding underwear makes it easy to feed your baby no matter where you are. A breastfeeding bra can be already worn during pregnancy. It is the perfect undergarment for the whole nine months and the subsequent period of feeding the newborn. A nursing bra is a must-have item of clothing for any pregnant woman.

In addition to sheer comfort, breastfeeding bras are also distinguished by their special design and execution. First of all, a bra for a nursing mom has to be as comfortable as possible. It is the time when breasts are especially sensitive, so the nursing bras in our offer are sewn only from soft and pleasant-to-touch fabrics, further distinguished by superior quality. The soft foam with cotton almost completely eliminates the risk of chafing. The knitted, properly elasticized backs make the nursing bra perfectly fit the body and correctly hold the bust. Our nursing bras are for women who appreciate the highest quality.

Comfortable breastfeeding bras

A nursing bra sewn using our formula means comfort and functionality. Having designed clothing for moms for many years, we have learned many of the needs of pregnant and nursing moms. Breastfeeding bras must meet several requirements. In addition to the comfort of everyday use during feeding, it is also essential that the nursing bra properly support the breasts. Breasts get much larger during pregnancy and the nursing period. Proper breast support is then of significance not only for mere comfort but also for the health of the spine. A good lactation bra will perform well during this time. In our assortment, you will easily find a breastfeeding bra that will meet all your needs.

Fashionable pregnancy bras

Breastfeeding bras, as well as maternity bras, need to be not only comfortable but also fashionable. In our offer, you will find products that combine those qualities perfectly. We design stylish pregnancy bras so that every mother will feel special during this special time of pregnancy and raising a newborn. We focus on details - lace and hand-designed embroidery. We offer a large selection of colors and interesting patterns, which you can easily match with any outfit. Breastfeeding bras from our offer will make you feel sensual even during pregnancy and nursing. There is no need to give up elegant lingerie while pregnant or nursing - choose a pregnancy bra from our offer.

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