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A bra for every occasion

A bra is an essential element of every woman's closet. You will need certain types for everyday wear, and others for evening outfits. It's worth having several quality models in your collection, which will come in handy for many different occasions. In our store, you will find bras you can comfortably wear under a classic T-shirt, a white shirt, or an elegant dress. If you are looking for a large selection of sizes and designs - you have come to the right place. Bras from the Polish manufacturer Ava are an offer for every woman who wants to feel beautiful and unique in every situation. The combination of trendy designs, quality, and comfort, results in bras that guarantee comfort throughout the day.

Here, you can find bras in any size as we create lingerie for petite women as well as those with fuller figures. Our advantage is a selection of large-size bras for ladies who have bigger breasts. A perfectly tailored bra is very important for comfort and health, especially for large-bust women. Our plus-size designs will work perfectly for such clientele. The comfortable bras of the Polish brand guarantee satisfaction.

Women's bras - unique designs

What sets our lingerie apart is the original and unique design. All bras we create display high attention to detail. The hand-drawn embroidery, gorgeous lace, and striking embellishments - a gorgeous bra designed so meticulously will make you feel special. The assortment includes classic colors like white, black, and beige but also those that are more unique. A red or pink bra is the ideal choice for a romantic evening. A nude bra is a universal solution to any outfit.

We would like to offer you a variety of bras, so you can choose the right one for your closet type. Here, each woman will find a model that will be optimally suited to her needs and expectations. Our offer includes:

  • push-up bras, which beautifully model the bust and create a full shape,
  • soft bras, for women who choose subtle lingerie,
  • full cup models, i.e. bras with rigid cups across their entire surface,
  • semi soft bras with light padding at the bottom of the cups,
  • balconettes, i.e. bras whose cups cover about 3/4 of the breasts,
  • comfortable bras for moms, designed for breastfeeding.

How to select the right bra?

The key factor when buying a bra is to choose the right size. A women's bra must have an optimally fitting cup and girth band. Only then will it ensure proper bust support and daily wearing comfort. Therefore, how to choose a comfortable bra? First, using a tailor's tape measure, measure the circumference just below the bust. It's important to remember that the tape measure should be positioned at the same height around the entire circumference. After all, a bra must fit perfectly, without slipping down the back. The next step is to measure the bust. It's best to do this in a soft bra without additional padding. You should put the measuring tape at the widest point of the breasts. It's important to remember not to squeeze the bust too tightly, as the measurement result will then be incorrect. Based on this measurement, you can choose the cup size.

Women’s bras that are properly selected for the size of the bust affect the wearing comfort as well as health. This is especially important for those of larger bust sizes. A well-fitted bra will also make the breasts look great under any clothing. In our offer, you will find beautiful bras in many sizes - you can easily pick the one that will serve you for a long time.

Bras for ladies who value quality

Underwear should be of great quality. Properly selected fabric will be skin-friendly and pleasant to the touch. This is extremely important because the bra firmly adheres to the body, so it shouldn’t cause any irritation or discomfort. We have been creating lingerie for many years, so we know exactly what materials work best. Bras that we offer are sewn from handpicked and properly selected fabrics. Our bras guarantee satisfaction.

Another important point is the quality of workmanship. A meticulously tailored bra will be comfortable, which is why we take so much care of the entire process of creating individual models. Moreover, proper construction and execution will make the bra last much longer. Underwires must be solidly sewn into the whole construction so that they do not come out during washing. We design the lace and embroidery of our products by hand therefore we end up with pretty bras that will appeal to every woman.

Fashionable bras - Avalingerie.pl online store 

Bras in the Ava online store are dedicated to all demanding female customers. We create fashionable bras that will make you feel special in any situation. Bras that amaze with both workmanship and style? That's exactly what we offer. Check out the available models and choose a product that ensures ultimate comfort. Match the bra to any outfit and occasion.

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